At Reshape we bring meaningful insights to the world of work drawn from diverse psychological research..... and our expert team will help you implement them

We work with psychologists, employers and employees to develop business models where individuals thrive, optimising the places they work, the way they work and the time they work.

We promote a considered holistic approach to change that absorbs business priorities and changes to legislation over time rather than a knee jerk compliance with today’s headlines.

By aligning work settings with the way people think and behave business can reduce its reliance on costly city centre office space, absorb new ways of working and focus on the thing which really makes its business thrive: its people.

Our approach:

We use a psychological assessment surveying to establish in an organisation:

  • Who works best where and when
  • Where technology gaps are
  • Where trust gaps are

We analyse this data against:

  • Department / type of work
  • Location / territory
  • Hierarchy within organisation

From our analysis we make recommendations to optimise

  • Operating model & processes
  • Investment (people, technology, and work settings / cost per desk)
  • Business strategy (competitiveness to peers / market focus)

We implement our recommendations

  • Our change managers manage the change process for you
  • Our community of psychologists are there to support and monitor change
  • A tailored performance portal measures success through constant review