What does a typical survey look like?

We have a psychologist pre-approved set of 15 questions which we use as the basis of each tailored survey adding questions after initial assessment of your project.

What is different about the Reshape survey questions?

Our questions have been designed by Psychologists to deliver distinct and unambiguous responses which they then use to provide recommendations on how to shape a business to suit its people.  

What kind of recommendations should we expect?

Any group of people large or small working in an organisation will have a diverse spread of factors which trigger positive or negative behaviour. Understanding your people down to an individual level enables our psychologists to recommend operational changes to help with everything from reducing mental health issues to finding the stars in your organisation who will help you build your business’s future.

Do you offer benchmarking?

We offer benchmarking within an organisation and against data provided by the British and Australian Psychology Societies and other global psychology resources.

What happens after we have the survey results?

Our psychologists will provide a report with recommendations. The Reshape team and its associates offer a hands-on change management service for implementation and access to individual psychologist support to help with issues as diverse as mental health, bereavement, domestic violence, suicide etc (anything that impacts real humans in a real world).

Is the Reshape survey the same as an engagement survey?

Engagement surveys are designed to provide peace of mind via benchmarking against other global organisations. Whilst Reshape offers similar outputs it’s focus is on providing actionable support for employees and employers to optimise a business and its people, in this way it is focussed on change to improve performance rather than checking that nothing has gone off course.  

How do you measure Reshape’s success?

Each engagement has its own performance measuring portal built around the drivers agreed at the beginning of a project. At key points in the change process additional surveys provide up to date data alongside physical measurements of business performance linked to the project drivers to demonstrate success.

How do I engage Reshape?

Reshape is a joint product of The Goodness of Psychology, SuperByte and Bowdler Project Management and is engaged via the provider most suited to your wider needs with skills from all parties available through a single engagement.

In a change management process which workstream does Reshape report into?

Reshape is a workstream in itself, providing support and outputs at all stages of the change management process from brief formation to verification of success. Whilst in many cases it is linked closely with communication and HR workstreams it is best placed alongside rather than within.

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