The current situation has understandably resulted in a raise in anxiety and strain on our mental health, therefore, it is more important than ever to have an understanding of what this can mean for individuals and teams and what can be done about it.

Covid related Anxiety and distress in the workplace by the BPS 

As restrictions and guidelines keep changing, this might be causing different emotional responses in people. This document by the British Psychological society (BPS) offers practical suggestions on better understanding these individual responses and how we can create a more supportive working environment.



Managing Lock Down Fatigue From the APS

With lockdowns continuing to effect our everyday lives, and has been doing so for many months, some of us are starting to feel fatigued. In this document by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) it is outlined by what is meant by "Lock Down Fatigue"  so we can better understand its causes and what can be done about it.

How to cope with Covid -19 related change from the APS

As the situation keeps changing and this is now the "New Normal" how we can better understand and deal with psychological stressors that it can result in. This pragmatic article by Australian Psychological Society, explores of what might be the sources of those stressors and what can be done about our responses and our thoughts so we can better manage through this "new normal".



Tips for coping with COVID 19 anxiety from APS

Very pragmatic advice from the Australian Psychological Society (APS) on helping to deal with anxiety which is common as a result of pandemic

Managing hazards to employee mental health during coronaivrus (COVID-19) from the Australian Psychological Society

From overworking to conflict between work and family, the current situation is brining quite a few challenges to managing our mental health. This article provides useful perspective and advise on how to deal with these challenges more effectively



Managing work-related psychosocial risks during the COVID-19 pandemic from the International Labour Organization (ILO)

A very useful and practical guide for employers and managers on key things to consider when assessing psychosocial risk.

Managing uncertainty in children and young people, by the British Psychological Society

This practical guide for parents, provides useful suggestions and advice on how for us to best help our children during during this very uncertain times 



Returning to the workplace in the age of coronavirus from the Australian Psychological Society

As we are currently navigating the return to the workplace, this provides some useful tips and advise to consider on this complex subject. 

Guide by National Health Service (NHS) on building team resilence

An interactive guide on how to build and maintain team resilience.



Managing Feelings during lockdown easing by Mind

In this wonderful article by MIND, the subject of the negative emotions that we might be feeling such as anxiety during this transition time are discussed and practical steps are offered on how to best deal with such emotions.