Working from home guide from the British Psychological Society 

Healthy sustainable working during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. A practical guide based around the SHARE approach. Full of useful tips from psychologists as well as distributing responsibility between employee and employer. 

Balancing Home Schooling and working a guide from the NHS 

This is a resource by the National Health Service (NHS) from the UK, full of useful suggestions and experiences on  how to balance our new working lives and our parental responsibilities. As one of my colleagues says we are "not working from home, we are parenting from work



Maintaining Employee Engagement Through the COVID 19 from the Australian Psychological Society

It's understandable that COVID has hit us hard and employee engagement is likely to be impacted. So here are 6 suggestions to keep your employees engaged during this crisis. My favourite is to emphasise the importance of recovery time.

The challenge of teleworking during COVID 19 

In this podcast by the American Psychological Association, Kristen Shockley, Phd, discusses her current research in to the impact of working from home during this crisis. Some interesting findings regarding increased and decreased productivity, how much time do people want to be WFH and what factors may be impacting that